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Eye Education

At Amazing Point of View, you will experience:  

Personalized Eye Exams: Dr. Felton will perform a complete eye health examination utilizing the most advanced instruments and techniques.  A complete evaluation consists of a vision exam as well as an evaluation of your eye health.  Many systemic diseases are found and/or monitored through these thorough exams and are essential to prevent further eye damage.  Dr. Felton will take the time to discuss your vision assessment and make certain that you have a complete understanding of your diagnosis and treatment options. 

First-rate Contact Lens fits: Dr. Felton believes in prescribing the latest and best technology offered by contact lens manufacturers. Dr. Felton takes measurements of the curvature of your eyes and uses other information obtained during the examination to ensure that each contact lens patient receives the best fit and optimal vision.  So, whether you need rigid gas permeable contact lenses, contact lenses for astigmatism, special lenses for dry eyes, bifocal contact lenses, or extended wear contact lenses, the view can't get any better than what you will recieve at Amazing Point of View Eyecare.  

We have hundreds of Diagnostic Contact Lenses in Stock at our office for your convenience!   In most cases, you will be able to go home with a new set of contact lenses on the same day of your visit.   For our first time contact lens patients, our trained technician is available to teach insertion, removal and care of your new contact lenses.  So call 409-962-5489 to make your appointment today!