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Dr. Jemyre Felton specializes in Sports Vision training, which is a type of optometric vision therapy that enhances sports performance by improving the connection between the eye and brain so that the brain processes more of what the eyes see. Vision is the primary sense used by athletes and accounts for more than 80% of the sensory processing requirements used during sports activities. Studies show that the most successful athletes are those with the best visual-motor operation. In the same way that an athlete improves sports performance by training the body for strength and endurance, visual skills can be reformed and reinforced through a wide range of eye conditioning activities. Superior visual skills can propel good athletes to higher levels of performance. Thankfully, Dr. Felton can help train that functional vision. Sports vision training can improve athletic performance for children and adults alike for players, weekend warriors, firefighters, police officers and military personnel.

How does it work?

Dr. Felton performs an initial examination to assess each athletes’ visual abilities pertaining to the sport of their choice. With the results, she evaluates where that athlete ranks in comparison to their peers playing the same sport at the same level of play. She will then formulate a training program that improves the areas that the athlete is deficient. Performance training of these skills is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, as the visual skills for optimum athletic performance will vary, depending on the demands of each sport. Dr. Felton uses state of the art training equipment that is also utilized by professional sports teams such as the Houston Astros and Houston Rockets. This training has been proven to improve competitive performance by enhancing situational awareness, focus flexibility, reading of human movement cues, and tracking of dynamic scenes.

Sports Vision Training utilizes exercises to improve:

  • speed and accuracy of eye movements
  • eye-hand coordination
  • depth perception
  • reaction time
  • eye teaming abilities
  • eye tracking

In baseball and tennis: sports vision training helps in predicting the speed and location of the ball.

In soccer, hockey, and volleyball: sports vision training helps with anticipating and reacting more quickly when a puck or ball is headed your direction. The training at APOV Eye Gym will increase accuracy and the speed of the eye-hand response.

In basketball: sports vision training helps improve peripheral vision which allows players to more quickly process the location of other teammates as well as opponents. Basketball players will also be able to increase the ability to focus accurately and quickly while in motion.

In track and skiing: sports vision training improves depth perception.

In football: sports vision training will enable an increase in eye-foot response as well as increase depth perception.

Sports vision training is for athletes of all ages and all activity levels. It is no longer reserved for only sports professionals and elite athletes.

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