Amazing Point of View Eye Gym: Vision is more than 20/20

Sports Vision training improves athletic performance for children and adults alike for athletes, weekend warriors, firefighters, police officers and military personnel.

This training utilizes exercises to improve:

  • speed and accuracy of eye movements
  • eye-hand coordination
  • depth perception
  • reaction time
  • eye teaming abilities
  • eye tracking

Sports vision training is a type of optometric vision therapy that enhances sports performance by improving the connection of the eye and brain to process more of what is seen. Studies show that the most successful athletes are those with the best visual-motor functions. Thankfully, Dr. Felton can help train that functional vision.

In baseball and tennis: sports vision training helps in predicting the speed and location of the ball.

In soccer, hockey, and volleyball: sports vision training helps with anticipating and reacting more quickly when a puck or ball is headed your direction. The training at APOV Eye Gym will increase accuracy and the speed of the eye-hand response.

In basketball: sports vision training helps improve peripheral vision which allows players to more quickly process the location of other teammates as well as opponents. Basketball players will also be able to increase the ability to focus accurately and quickly while in motion.

In track and skiing: sports vision training improves depth perception.

In football: sports vision training will enable an increase in eye-foot response as well as increase depth perception.

Sports vision training is for athletes of all ages and all activity levels. It is no longer reserved for only sports professionals and elite athletes.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (409) 962-5489 (Twin City Highway), or (832) 340-7769 (League City), or (409) 724-2828 (Memorial Blvd).